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    Best for travels car cushion

    In our modern society, back pain is the evil of the century! Despite the enormous advances in ergonomics of car seats, many of us are adding adaptable car cushions to improve comfort and reduce back pain in a long car trip. We detail here the range of cushions proposed and their effectiveness.


    Car cushion: features
    Definition of the car seat cushion
    It is an additional element in addition to the seats of the car, which is placed on the seat (lower part or lower part and backrest), so as to relieve any pain due to sitting.

  • The usefulness of the car cushion

    A sedentary lifestyle, work journeys, work postures, and lack of exercise lead to a decrease in the back muscle belt, which encourages lumbar pain , numbness , blockages, lumbago , sciatica , etc.


    Consideration of the ergonomics criterion is important when buying a car; unfortunately, this one is often neglected and the indispositions inherent are revealed with the use.

    The curative solution will often be the purchase of an additional cushion to try to erase these disadvantages.


    The different models of car cushion


    The seat cushion
    It covers the seat to relieve coccyx pain; it is made according to the versions, foam or silicone gel.


    The lumbar cushion
    Often present originally on vehicles, it is a cushion whose utility is recognized because it helps to relieve this part of the body which, sitting, supports 2/3 of the weight of the body.


    Its variations:


    • the adjustable lumbar cushion: it is a simple cushion more or less shaped roll fixed and adjustable by a strap to the seat. It must be positioned in the hollow of the back to support the lumbar.
    • the inflatable lumbar cushion: whether original or adaptable, it is an inflatable version that allows to adapt exactly to its morphology. It consists of a seat cushion and a semi-rigid backrest, including an inflation system at the lumbar level.

    Heated seat covers
    Back pain is favored by the cold, these cushions and backrests offer to warm the back to prevent them. They are particularly suitable for use in the winter season.


    Massager cushions
    They consist of a set of cushions and backs made up of logs moving between them. Their utility, more controversial, would relax and massage the back muscles on long trips.


    Alternatives to the car cushion
    As an alternative or in addition, there are simple ways to relieve sore pains:


    • The type of vehicle: if you are prone to back pain, a SUV or SUV type vehicle will be preferable;
    • Posture: The recommended posture is one that avoids the vertical load of the back by moving the seat towards the steering wheel and tilting the backrest;
    • Accessories: some vehicle equipment, besides the multi-position adjustable seats particularly relieves driving;
    • the position of the steering wheel: adjustable in depth and height, it relieves the forearms;
    • the armrests: they are often offered as an option; their action is very effective, by relieving the body of the weight of the upper limbs (the 2 must be adjusted to the same height);
    • Cruise control: its speed management allows loosening of the lower limbs over long distances;
    • The automatic or sequential gearbox : it supports the reports of speed, relieving the lower limbs and avoiding the displacement of the right arm.
  • Control driving the car radio

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    The steering wheel control of the car radio is a real plus in terms of ergonomics, security or comfort. Original or adaptable, it is an equipment that gives all full satisfaction.


    What is the control of the car radio while driving?
    Implementation of the steering wheel control of the car radio: an obvious argument
    The gaze fixed on the road is a guarantee of security. We are all aware of it. Conversely, a diversion of attention for a task related to driving, such as programming a GPS , activating a telephone, or tuning the car radio stations, can lead to very serious problems. accidents, involving human lives.

    The control of the car radio while driving is a real plus for road safety. Instead of deflecting its attention and mobilizing an arm for the handling of the car radio, the steering wheel control not only keeps your eyes on the road, but also keep both hands on the wheel .


    Principle of operation of the steering wheel radio control
    The operating principle is simple. An interface control fixed near the steering wheel, or directly on the steering wheel, ensures the transmission of commands to the car radio.

    This broadcast is carried out either by a wired link, or by a bluetooth link.

    The various types of mounting of the steering wheel control of the car radio


    The original assembly is best suited for ergonomics, accessibility and functions. He ensures the order:

    • search stations and preset stations;
    • the volume of the sound;
    • different frequency bands;
    • the activation of the "silence" function.

    The adaptable assembly presents him two cases of figure:

    The car radio does not have a steering wheel control: it can be replaced by a car radio with an adaptable steering wheel control; most of the time the remote control will be attached to the steering wheel.


    The original car radio already has a steering wheel control: you replace it with a car radio of your choice, while keeping the original order. This solution is possible thanks to an adaptive interface, in the measure of compatibility between the brands of equipment. It has the great advantage of maintaining the comfort of use and the perfect ergonomic fit of the origin with the car radio of your choice.

    Installing the car radio remote control


    Three possibilities are available to you.

    In the case of an adaptable wired installation, simply attach the steering wheel control and connect it to the car radio.
    In the case of a bluetooth installation, initialization is done naturally.
    Adapting a new car radio to an original steering wheel control requires an adapter to connect the different types of connections to each other. Check before purchase if the fixtures are compatible.







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    Types of nozzles

    For ease of use, the following nozzles are used:


    The most convenient is a hairdryer with a nozzle called a nozzle. This is a tip that has a shape that tapers toward the end. It allows you to properly direct air to the hair and dry it faster.


    Another useful nozzle for a hairdryer is a diffuser . It is necessary in order to create stylish and voluminous hairstyles.


    There are also professional models with a round comb. This is a great option for those women who have short hair, as well as for women with bangs. A hairdryer with a nozzle in the form of a round comb allows you to tighten the tips or make styling more voluminous. Round comb nozzles can be either large or small. Moreover, if you have long hair, it’s better for you to pick up larger nozzles, and for short hair small comb-tips for a quiet hair dryer are suitable.


    There are also hairdryers with a rotating brush at the end, they are very convenient to use, because you only need to bring the nozzle to the ends of the hair and hold it a little, it will curl the hair itself. In addition, with the help of a brush head, you can easily straighten your hair. This is a very convenient nozzle with which you can quickly dry your hair and do any styling. This is much more convenient than using a regular hair dryer and comb, since this option includes these two elements at once.


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    How to dry your hair?


    In order to properly dry your hair, you must do this, observing a number of rules and avoiding mistakes. Many people violate the rules for styling with a hairdryer, which leads not only to its damage, but also to the deterioration of the condition of the hair:


    So, the first rule is that you need to blow-dry only not too wet hair. After visiting the shower or bath, you need to dry your hair a little with a towel, it will remove excess moisture by soaking it.


    In no case can you proceed to styling, if there are still drops of water at the tips, the hair should be about 60% dry before styling. This rule must be observed, since the hair dryer can have a negative effect in this case: wet hair overheats very quickly, water literally boils on the hair, this leads to their overdrying, cross-section, the appearance of dandruff and even loss.


    The next rule - do not forget that the hair needs to be dried not only at the tips, but also near the roots, because mostly women dry their hair lengthwise, without paying attention to the root zone. This can create the effect of dirty hair, because the hair will hang ugly ugly. Drying the hair near the roots allows you to create a beautiful and natural volume. Thus, you can make the perfect styling, which will be comparable to the salon.